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Writing is a skill that takes time and devotion. Although a natural talent for some, anyone can be an all-star writer with a little guidance and patience. In order to improve your writing, whether the purpose be for academic scholarship, content marketing, or storytelling, you need to follow a few basic “rules”. ¬†Having a plan, and steps to implement said plan, makes it easier to write in a clear and engaging manner.

We have outlined these principles in a concise guide that will help you locate your path in the thick forest of potential words and ideas. The Guide to Writing Well won’t answer all of your questions nor will it serve as a complete teacher; however, it will give you the most necessary tools that have the greatest impact on your readers. It’s the boost you need to begin writing with confidence and precision. You don’t have to sit in front of your laptop all day, stifled by fear or blocks. The Guide assists you in identifying your goals, orienting your journey, and directing your trajectory.

The Guide to Writing Well is the perfect accompaniment to your textbooks, your blog, or your website. And if you lack time or have specific doubts or uncertainties? The Noble Pen can work with you to get your work shiny and new. The Guide is just one example of the work we stand by.



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Where’s Your Voice?

Where’s your voice? No, I am not talking about your brand’s or your company’s voice. I am talking about your actual, individual voice. The one you use every day. The one that’s as gravely as chain-smoker and slowly skids across those rocks to greet your family in the morning. The one that every so often, has to nervously stand up and say, “hi, I’m Ted” to a room full of future acquaintances, only to be met with open arms and a collective bear hug. The one that is quick to play philosophical mind monopoly when having conversations that are “nuanced”. Those conversations dealing with racism and systemic oppression in America aren’t easy and our voice is important.

Can you use your voice to amplify what others are saying? Can you use your voice to combat overt and subtle aggression towards BIPOC? Can you use your voice to teach the people around you-your family and friends-that the way we arrived here isn’t some new phenomena? We’ve been here for thousands of years.

More importantly, can you use your voice by silencing it to listen? Can you open your ears, mind, and heart to the words, pleas, and education of those whose voices should have never been stifled in the first place? Can you refrain from over-explaining, providing your defense, detailing your intent, or otherwise trampling over the lived experiences of entire generations?

The following pieces are amazing opportunities to learn and listen so that you can use your voice to amplify and support the authors:

Laura Witt

Jagger Blaec

Natalie Degraffinried

Safety Pin Box


The Noble Pen is committed to using our voice to spread the reach of others’ voices and also using it to take a seat. So, with that, seat taken.

With Love,